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77th ICM, Catalonia (6th-10th Dec 2017)

On the 6th, pre-ICM Asia Platform Meeting took place in a room named Bihar. Bihar, India is where the first workcamp/international voluntary project in Asia took place, after a devastating massive earthquake. In APM, asian delegates discussed various topics ranging from branches updates/activities, budget, how to strengthen regional exchanges and plan of action for 2018. In the same evening, there was a newcomer's session and welcome session for all participants.
ICM officially started on the 7th, and SCI Catalunya has invited an activist from NOVACT, Jodi Palao to share on the topic Nonviolent Action and Resistance. Participants were inspired by the long history of nonviolent civil movement in Catalonia. Pierre Ceresole Awards was yet again making an appearance in this year ICM, with the introduction of branches submissions 
Full Report 77th ICM, Catalonia 2017
Full Report Asian Development Committee 2017


Incoming School Project 2017 – Deutschland

"Guten Morgen" or good morning, volunteers from Germany, Togo, Tanzania, Botswana, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Ecuador. The theme of our workshop is:
As if there was (no) tomorrow – global change for a sustainable future. ”---- this was
our standard opening phrase to the students when we first met them in schools.

The goals of United Nation’s Agenda 2030, climate change, definition of sustainability and good life, over-consumption and theatre workshop. These topics linked to few questions that we have to future discover:
• In what kind of future do we want to live in?
• What are the hopes and aspirations of youth all over the world for the future?
• How does the Agenda 2030 contribute to a sustainable future?
• How can we shape the future together? s.



The 1st Asian Volunteering Summit in Cebu City took place from October 6-9, 2017 and jointly organized by Network of Volunteers & Development in Asia (NVDA) and Global Initiative for Exchange & Development (GIED) as the gracious host. The summit aims to achieve the below objectives with the participation of 35 international delegates and 15 local delegates representing 15 different organizations from 13 countries mainly from Asia.


Peers to Peace (P2P).. Poland

I have been travelled to few countries but this is one of the farthest country I had ever travelled. And this Peers to Peace (P2P) Project broadens my horizon on the people and their culture. Taking part in this project, is not just about sharing knowledge on various topics, it is a connection that brings together people from different countries of different backgrounds together.s.



Organized by Service Civil International and hosted by SCI Malaysia under the “Peers to Peace” project at the Bodhi Heart Sanctuary Penang.
Delegates from the Asian branches, an Asian Platform Meeting was held in parallel to the seminar and had provided the participants from Asia to join and discuss topics specifically relevant in the region.
The Seminar also provided a chance for the IEC to conduct a separate meeting also in parallel to the seminar and also to engage with the representatives of the network.
Following the main objectives of the seminar such as to collect and share existing knowledge and materials on the key topics relevant, mainly knowledge management and fundraising and also to build upon existing skills/tools in knowledge management and fundraising,  


LEILA SEDDIKI..Long Term Volunteering Internship 

I’m graduate in Political Science... I wanted to discover new culture. new facet of volunteering.I chose Malaysia and for past 6 months every day I find myself discovering and learning something new, Malaysian culture is so rich.
The main activity of SCI is the organisation of Workcamps and promotion of Peace. I helped organised and participated in 3 exciting and interesting workcamps… The Belt and Road Rooftop workcamp in Penang, with the Orang Asli (indigenous) in Kg Pertak, and the Organic Farming in Cameron Highland. They are all so varied, special, educational and great bonding session, with a huge focus on community service, volunteering and promotion of Peace. 



This is as part of the Translation Project for their Master of Translation at USM. The project is related to SCI France 
Credits to:
1) Pn. Hanimatun Syarida Mohd Isa
2) Pn. Nooni Ezdiani bt Yasin
3) En. Muhammad Faizal b.Sidek
They did a presentation to their classmates and lecturers and given lots of praise, positive feedbacks and thumbs up :)
It has open their eyes,minds and heart that not only Commercial / Industrial video requires translation services but they can also reach out to NGO too. 

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